Concrete Cleaning Brings Out The Best In Your Property

The comings and goings of everyday life here in can take its toll on a number of surfaces around your home or business, but none more so than your concrete areas. On any given day your driveway and sidewalks deal with leaky cars, pedestrian foot traffic, and Mother Nature herself. With a near constant barrage of dirt and other contaminants, it doesn’t take long for your concrete to go from bright and clean to dark and dirty.

But a dirty driveway and sidewalk don’t have to be the first impression that your home makes. With concrete cleaning service from Ruts To Ridges Property Services the concrete areas about your property will once again be a shining reflection of your entire property.

Cutting-Edge Concrete Cleaning

Your concrete surfaces aren’t just there for decoration: It’s one of the most functional, and well-used, parts of any property. But concrete is a porous surface, so when it gets lots of wear and tear it doesn’t disguise it well. From vehicles to foot traffic, your concrete can become a beacon of dirt. And that’s not exactly the first impression that you want your property to make.

Using industry leading techniques, our approach to concrete cleaning ensures that our pressure washing technicians remove the bad buildup and eliminate stains for good. Our concrete cleaning services combine state of the art equipment and specially formulated detergents to completely treat your concrete.

At Ruts To Ridges, our experts provide concrete cleaning service that:

  • Removes dirt, oil, grease, chewing gum, and other stains
  • Protects the long-term quality of your concrete
  • Prevents slip-and-fall accidents
  • Enhances the curb appeal of your home

Standout Service, Superior Results

Our concrete cleaning service is designed to give your driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, entryways and all concrete surfaces a completely fresh and clean appearance. You’ll be amazed at how much bright, clean concrete adds to the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of your property.

Based in Garibaldi Highlands, Ruts To Ridges is your one stop shop for all your exterior cleaning needs. We have developed a reputation for excellence in service and results from Whistler to Squamish. Using our local knowledge and industry-leading pressure washing expertise, we are proud to bring convenience, quality, and reliability to every single client, every time.

When you are ready to have concrete surfaces that bring out the best in your property call or click below for your free concrete cleaning estimate!

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Your home is a major investment in your family and your community. Our soft wash and pressure washing experts understand that! Our curteous and professional technicians are eager to make sure that your home spakles and shines from the Ruts to the Ridges!


Ruts To Ridges Property Services is your local team of exterior cleaning professionals with over a half decade of experience in soft washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, roof stain removal and so much more. Serving Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands, Whistler, and everywhere in between, we are dedicated to keeping your property clean and shining like new. We know that we are only as good as our last pressure washing or soft washing job, so every project, no matter the size, is treated with our top-level care.


Whether your property has vinyl or brick siding. Whether it is a multi-building apartment community or and single family home, the soft washing and pressure washing professionals at Ruts To Ridges Property Services can clean almost anything! Amazing results and friendly service and standard with us! We are proud to serve these great communities:

  • Squamish, British Columbia

  • Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia

  • Brackendale, British Columbia

  • Whistler, British Columbia

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