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Anyone who lives in or near Squamish or the Garibaldi Highlands in British Columbia area knows this region is very beautiful. This is partially because homeowners around here make a point of keeping their properties looking as attractive as possible.

We at Ruts to Ridges help by offering safe and effective house and roof washing services. That said, your siding and roofing are not the only areas of your property contributing to (or detracting from) your home’s overall curb appeal. Driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces will also impact your home’s looks.

Keep them cleaning by scheduling regular pressure washing service with a professional. As a local company, we work hard to ensure your home looks as beautiful as the part of British Columbia to which it belongs.

Pressure Washing in Squamish, B.C.: Keeping Your Home’s Concrete Surfaces Clean

There are many reasons to hire an expert pressure washing technician to clean your property’s concrete surfaces throughout the year. They include:

Boosting Your Home’s Value

Although there is much to enjoy about living in and around the Squamish area, for various reasons, you may choose to move one day. If so, you’ll find that selling your home for a fair price will be much easier if you’ve taken steps over the years to keep the property clean.

Curb appeal doesn’t just affect your personal enjoyment of your home. It also affects how valuable others perceive it to be. Make sure anyone considering buying your house in the future gets the right impression from the start by hiring us to regularly pressure wash your concrete surfaces.

Saving Money

Scheduling routine pressure washing service is a wise financial decision even if you’re not selling your home in the near future. If you allow debris and other contaminants to accumulate on your concrete surfaces, you will likely have to replace those surfaces sooner than expected. Keep them clean, and you will optimise their lifespans.

Staying Safe

Leaves, algae, and other debris that build up on concrete surfaces become slippery in the rain. The result? Anyone on your property may be at risk of being involved in an accident if they slip over such debris.

That doesn’t need to happen. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and others are safe on your property by hiring a pressure washing pro to thoroughly clean your driveway and other concrete surfaces.

Schedule Pressure Washing in the Squamish, BC Area Today

We want all areas of your property to look inviting and impressive for years to come. Pressure washing your concrete surfaces is just one way we can help achieve this goal. To learn more about what Ruts to Ridges can do for you, call us today at (604) 389-3339.

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Your home is a major investment in your family and your community. Our soft wash and pressure washing experts understand that! Our curteous and professional technicians are eager to make sure that your home spakles and shines from the Ruts to the Ridges!


Ruts To Ridges Property Services is your local team of exterior cleaning professionals with over a half decade of experience in soft washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, roof stain removal and so much more. Serving Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands, Whistler, and everywhere in between, we are dedicated to keeping your property clean and shining like new. We know that we are only as good as our last pressure washing or soft washing job, so every project, no matter the size, is treated with our top-level care.


Whether your property has vinyl or brick siding. Whether it is a multi-building apartment community or and single family home, the soft washing and pressure washing professionals at Ruts To Ridges Property Services can clean almost anything! Amazing results and friendly service and standard with us! We are proud to serve these great communities:

  • Squamish, British Columbia

  • Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia

  • Brackendale, British Columbia

  • Whistler, British Columbia

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