Removing Black Streaks Before They Damage Your Roof

As the roofing industry continues to grow, so does the number of replacements per year. A fantastic way of avoiding roof damage and the subsequent replacement is by maintaining it.

Spotting the black streaks on your roof and eliminating them helps you save thousands of dollars in damages.

We at Ruts to Ridges combine high-grade tech with highly experienced and trained employees to rid your roof of vexing algae damaging its structural integrity.

Let’s discuss how algae impact your roof and how Ruts to Ridges’ roof washing services can help:

How Does Algae Harm Your Roof?

Often, roofs take on a black and dark color that dulls their appearance. That’s not dirt and grime; instead, it’s colonies of airborne algae.

A tiny bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma, or the blue-green algae, travels on the wind and thrives off the humid air.

Feeding off your roof’s limestone degrades the structural integrity of your roof’s shingles. After some time, your roof will look unattractive and be in dire need of repair.

Connecting with Ruts to Ridges to Boost the Integrity and Appeal of Your Roof

Today, the roof repair and replacement industry offer an array of solutions to boost the appearance of your roof. But how do you know your house is in safe hands?

Allow us to ease your headache with our team of professional roof cleaners. Our highly trained, certified, and experienced experts at Ruts and Ridges employ soft wash roof washing to rid your roof of algae.

Our low-pressured water cuts through the dirt and grime and removes the algae colonies from your roof’s surface.

Thus, you enjoy a refreshed and beautiful roof, and we enjoy happy customers!

The Bottom Line- Protecting Your Roof with Ruts to Ridges

The algae growth can degrade the look and quality of your roof. Moreover, it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Combating this with the ideal roof cleaning technique is critical for saving costs, ensuring excellence, and extending its lifespan.

While power washing can be too harsh, soft washing uses the perfect pressure and temperature to ensure a sparkling and clean roof without degrading its integrity.

Connect with our professionals at Ruts to Ridges to revamp your roof quickly and effectively!

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Your home is a major investment in your family and your community. Our soft wash and pressure washing experts understand that! Our curteous and professional technicians are eager to make sure that your home spakles and shines from the Ruts to the Ridges!