Roof Cleaning 101: What Are Those Black Streaks on Your Roof?

Have you noticed black streaks on your roof? This is a common sight for many homeowners. As a roof ages, unless homeowners have scheduled consistent roof cleaning service, black streaks tend to appear over time.

You may be wondering what those black streaks are, of course. This guide will answer your basic questions on the subject. More importantly, it will also explain why you can’t ignore black streaks on your roof if you see them. Those streaks aren’t just ugly. They could result in very costly problems if you don’t address them soon.

We at Ruts to Ridges, offering roof cleaning service to homeowners in and around Squamish, British Columbia, can help. To learn what black roof streaks are, and why you should hire us to thoroughly clean your roof as soon as you notice them (and preferably even sooner), keep reading.

Black Streaks on Your Squamish, BC Roof? What You Need to Know

Black streaks on a residential roof typically indicate the presence of Gloeocapsa magma, or “roof algae.”

Roof algae is an organism that can land on a roof in the form of spores or clumps of cells. Once roof algae lands on your roof, it will typically begin to grow and spread.

This will naturally have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. That can be a big problem if you plan on selling your home one day. A dirty roof may be the first thing a potential buyer sees when they visit your home. If it is, they’ll get the impression that the home isn’t particularly valuable, and thus won’t be likely to pay much for it.

Some Squamish homeowners may consider that to be a future problem they can address when the time comes. Don’t make this mistake! Roof algae can and likely will cause significant headaches in the near future if you don’t hire roof cleaning professionals to remove it.

As roof algae spreads, it attracts lichen and other organisms. Together, they begin to eat away at your shingles.

This can result in many unnecessary expenses. If your shingles break down, your home will be exposed to the elements. Water could get inside and cause damage or promote mold growth. Additionally, your home will no longer be thoroughly insulated, forcing you to use your heating or cooling equipment more than you typically would. This results in high energy bills and excessive wear and tear on the system. On top of all that, if shingles break down prematurely, you’ll have to pay to replace them. You may have to replace the entire roof earlier than expected if the damage is widespread.

You Local Roof Cleaning Experts

Our roof cleaning team at Ruts to Ridges, serving homeowners in and around the Squamish, BC area, can help you avoid these issues. We use a soft wash roof cleaning method that involves gently rinsing the roof after applying specialized eco-friendly detergents. This ensures that roof algae and similar organisms are thoroughly removed without the risk of damage that pressure washing your roof can cause. To learn more about how we can help, call us today at (604) 389-3339.

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights

Your home is a major investment in your family and your community. Our soft wash and pressure washing experts understand that! Our curteous and professional technicians are eager to make sure that your home spakles and shines from the Ruts to the Ridges!


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